There is something I want you to understand about my work. These custom pieces will last for generations. I strive to maximize comfort, durability, and beauty.  

Why are these rockers so uniquely comfortable for a wooden rocker? Each of my rocking chairs requires 49 pieces of wood in the back braces alone and they flex to mold to each person’s torso.

There are 16 pieces glued and put into another form that shapes them into a rocker for the chair. The headrest uses 6 pieces of angled, hand-planed wood fit together precisely and in a curved shape for a comfortable place to rest your head.

The seat has various pieces hand planed and sculpted to fit your derriere. The armrests are also sculpted to fit your arm comfortably. All these steps take time and are reflected in the price.

Xsm $3200
Small $3500
Med $3800
Lg $4100
XLg $4600
XXLg $5100


My chairs are functional works of art that come in various styles including ones that incorporate the comfort techniques of the rockers and the strength of the joints as well. This allows them to reveal beauty as well as functional durability for generations.

I am a craftsman. I love to be inspired and to spend time with those who are passionate about what they do.   When I am working on a challenging project, I treasure the times most when I am so absorbed that I have forgotten to eat lunch.

I love to work with wood and to feel a smooth piece and look at the sight of a beautifully luxurious grain structure. Just the touch of it is like running my hand over velvet. A unique pattern shimmer in the light is very special- a delight to behold.

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My favorite installations are the ones of 21st century design includin g,but not limited to, wood, stone, glass and metal. There may also be textiles or plaster included as well. Harmony is the goal!

Forty two years ago while living in Switzerland, I needed a couple of items to complete a minor renovation on an old farmhouse. I was introduced to the foreman of a local cabinet shop and I asked if I could make a winter window wing and a window seat in his shop.

Life was much easier in those days.

Walti was most kind, patient, and generous with his time. He taught me so much and I will be forever grateful for his tutelage. He taught me how to make the wing window properly, allowed me to use all of their machines to make a diaper changing table for my 1st son, to use their space to make legs and a top for a hollowed out half log which I needed for mixing the dough in my home bakery, and for making a window seat. When I went back 15 years later to demolish and renovate the old farmhouse, I took that ash window seat and made several kitchen cutting boards. I still use it today. 

Good Craftsmanship Stands the Test of Time.

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Baby Changing Table
Dresser • Drafting Table

While living in Switzerland, a need arose for a baby changing table before my 1st son came into the world. I designed a sloping table at elbow height to make it easy to change a baby’s diapers. Years later, I designed a dresser that nestled in underneath to hold all the necessary clothing and paraphernalia.

But what do you do when the baby grows and you no longer need a changing table?

I made it all in modules that could be easily disassembled and reassembled as separate units providing a chest of drawers for a toddler/child and a drafting/artist’s table for mom or dad.

Entire 2 module combination           $3800
Drafting Table                                         $1800 
Dresser                                                        $2000

Packing and shipping  add 500-1000 for Continental U.S.

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