In my early days in the construction trade, I learned where my talents lie.

Through all the hard, heavy work I learned a lot about precision and what is appropriate for which type of work.

In framing rough structures, being too exact can cost lots of time and unnecessary costs.

In putting up nice trim work, the joints need to be much tighter to give a pleasant experience for the homeowner.

In furniture making, those joints must be absolutely tight.

Over the years, the journey has been a constantly ongoing effort to use my talents to nurture precision in all facets of the project from concept creation to finish.

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Window Seats

Is there anything more comforting on a cool, lazy day than curling up into a window seat with a good book?

Having lived in small quarters at various times, I learned the art of maximizing space for storage. The window seat is an opportunity that should not be wasted.

Whether with beautiful self-closing drawers or a hinged top, the extra storage space is a most welcome option.

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